Home Design Process

for an Energy Efficient Dwelling

Building a House Has Never Been Easier

WIth Pasive Solar Housing, Co-op., you truly get to design your dream home from the ground up. Not only do you decide on the design, you also get to pick from a huge array of options to complete your home. From doors to trim to roofing, no house has ever been so easy to customize. Below are the recommend steps you take after Contacting Us

Step 1: Get Preapproved for a Construction Loan

First you need to determine how much you can budget for a monthly mortgage payment. Then you can go to the bank and apply for a loan. If you already have been preapproved for a home loan, you can convert this into a construction loan.

Step 2: Locate and Purchase Land Suitable for Building

After you have been preapproved for a construction loan, you need to find a suitable piece of property on which to build your home.

Step 3: Pick Design Plans

Now it is time to pick some design plans. We have a large database of plans that you can choose from. You can also go to Sun Plans or Robinson Plans. Both sites offer a wide selection of plans that can be used immediately or refined as needed.
After you have chosen your plans, email them to us. We will review your plans with you then turn them over to the Production Team at the manufacturing plant. For more information on the manufacturing process go to EPS Buildings.

Step 4: Pick Options for the House like Trim, Siding, etc.

Now it is time to pick out the different interior and exterior options for the house. This includes the roof, siding, doors, windows, trim, etc…
Check Out:
Waudena Millwork
Wausausu Supply
Diamond Kote Prefinishing
Richlin Windows

Step 5: Add Energy Positive Upgrades

iPV Tracker – Active Solar Power

iPV Tracker – Active Solar Power

  1. Reliable mechanical design: iPV Tracker primarily consists of universal joint, high torque steel cables, pulleys and springs operated according to the controller algorithm. iPV Tracker tracks 1 degree every five minutes, features a full 360 degrees azimuth rotation and altitude tilt of -40 to 40 degrees.This cable-driven mechanism allows iPV Tracker precisely follow the sun’s path all day long for different time of the year at any latitude.
  2. Outstanding Performance: Power generation: 30-50% higher than traditional mounting system. Consistent power curve: constant power production from early morning to late afternoon. Rising cash flow: higher 20-year cumulative net profit, shorter payback time. Effective O&M: Easy installation, minimize downtime, affordable. Strong wind resistance: up to 185 km/h equivalent to 16 Beaufort Level.
    Automatic dust/snow removal. Durable warranty: up to 20 years option. Diversified application: Utility, Commercial, Agriculture.
  3. Protected Patent and Bankable: Worldwide patents granted
  4. References: Website

Modular Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Systems

Comes in 2 kW Combinable Blocks

  • 8 Canadian Solar 270 watt modules
  • Fronius 2 kW grid tied inverter
  • Ironridge mounting system
  • Complete PV system label package
  • Batteries